Gabriela Spector, argentine – swiss artist , was born in the north of  Argentina, in the city of San Miguel de Tucuman.
She studied for six years at the academy of art University in Tucumán. After her graduation, and thanks to a scholarship, she moved to Italy in order to master her knowledge and devoted a strong emphasis to sculpture. In Milan she worked at the Fonderia Artistica Battaglia becoming familiar with bronze casting.
Her training was enriched by attending the Accademia di belle arti di Carrara., where she improved marble working techniques.

She has a permanent exhibition space at the Priora La torre in Mendrisio, Canton Ticino, where she lives since 1994.


Gabriela Spector, an artist with a prevailing figurative vocation, brings in her sculptures emotions, gestures and memories, deeply linked to her personal experiences.
Her artistic activity develops into two distinctive search lines – one sculptural  using  plaster, marble and bronze and the other one pictorial , giving to both of them the same attention to the intimacy of the human figure.
Body and motherhood are the main subjects in her project  “Voglia di pancia” molds of pregnant women representing the desire of maternity, accomplished in 2002 with an exhibition and a book which  tells the experiences  of the women involved in it.
Instead, the Mappe della Memoria (memory maps) and Madretierra (Mother Earth) projects are dedicated to migration and journey, two topics deeply related to the  “wandering” family tradition. The idea originated with the discovery of a substantial number of geographical maps. Maps which the artist  used and transformed to give life to sculptural and pictorial works, where the world becomes background and canvas on which tell, again, the tangle of mankind intimate maps,  the hidden landscapes of its soul.
Key subjects also for the most recent Poesia quotidiana (“daily poetry”) sculptorial cycle.
The artist has also done several commissioned works, of medium and big sizes and constantly works on the development of new projects.
Journey, migration and identity  topics have been proposed repeatedly , first through bronze works and then ,through paintings and sculptures using geographical maps.
Presented for the first time:
2007 Mappe della Memoria
Sala delle Grasce, Pietrasanta (Lucca) Italy


First Drawing Award “ Concorso Paisaje de los Valles Calchaquìes “ Tucumàn, Argentina
First Award (group) ”Mural del Museo dell’industria dello Zucchero” Tucumàn, Argentina
Scholarship granted by National University of Tucuman, Argentina
Scholarship granted by “ Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara” Italy
Third Award at “ VII International Symposium of Wood Sculptures” Sardegna, Italy


di Gabriela Spector
Via dell'Indipendenza 4A
Riva San Vitale - Svizzera

+41 76 346 15 37


Via alla Torre 22
Mendrisio - Svizzera
[visit by appointment]